Growing Chamomile As Ground Cover

Growing Chamomile As Ground Cover

Growing Chamomile As Ground Cover

Growing Chamomile As Ground Cover. Thin to groups of 2 or 3 plants about 8 inches apart. 7 to 9 plants per square meter (10 sq ft) are.

Growing Chamomile As Ground CoverGrowing Chamomile As Ground Cover
Roman Chamomile Seeds The Plant Good Seed Company from

The seeds will germinate within a. Both varietals of chamomile grow quickly (reaching full bloom within about 10 weeks), and are best planted in the spring, either via seed or young plants. Chamomile needs light to germinate, so cover with a thin layer of vermiculite or don’t cover at all.

If You Have A Sunny Slope That Is Difficult To Mow, In A Location With Well Drained, Sandy Soil, Try A Chamomile Lawn.

If you are interplanting with other vegetables, be sure that your veggies have plenty of space. Prior to seeding, turn three inches of compost and one inch of sand into the top six inches of soil and rake until smooth. The delightful apple scent is a reward in itself, and using chamomile as a groundcover offers some advantages, like low mowing, feeding and watering needs, but the plant is definitely not low maintenance.

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To Keep Your Roman Chamomile Close To The Ground, Mow It Down To A Couple Inches After The Chamomile Flowers Fade.

German chamomile should be spaced about 8” apart in rows 18” apart. Roman chamomile is also know as english or russian chamomile, and is a low growing perennial that reaches around one foot tall. It’s easier to establish chamomile herb in your garden from plants or divisions than from seeds, but growing chamomile from seed is also relatively easy.

Place The Plant In The Hole With The Top Of The Root Ball Level With The Surrounding Soil.

Simply use clean, sharp clippers to trim back the creeping stems. Compost will give your chamomile plants a nutrient boost so they can flourish in their new environment. Once planted, heavy foot traffic will take its toll, while light and occasional walking.

Roman Chamomile Is Also Known As Russian Chamomile And English Chamomile.

If growing from seed, scatter chamomile seeds and lightly cover them with dirt. Heavy soil can be amended with a mixture of sand and compost. Keep soil moist until the seeds sprout.

You Can Either Purchase These Plants Or Divide Existing Plants In The Spring.

Planting, care & design of chamomile. These plants prefer full sun and well draining loamy soil. With both perennial and annual varieties, chamomile is a fragrant flowering herb with a purpose.

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